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Welcome to the Hub.

Welcome to the Crypto Made Easy Hub, this first Blog i will outline what the Hub is all about and why its here along with how you can contribute with content for the Hub. i guess to kick things a little about me.. Im Andrew a crypto tragic that’s been around crypto for some years now, i accidentally found crypto in about 03 and have been involved in one way or another since, starting with small ICO investments to day trading and profit selling bull runs i then shifted into community manager roles and adviser to a small project.  In my time in the crypto world i have been blessed with meeting the most diverse, friendly, supportive humans on the planet which is a big part of where i find myself today…… I am a firm believer that Mass adoption of crypto in the real world is happening now, but not without its speed humps, in December 2018 i found myself in unfamiliar territory recording the first episode of  Crypto Made Easy Podcast, my setup consisted of  a iphone with headphones as a microphone elastic banded to a set of TV rabbit ears all recorded in the studio called my Garage ! A year or so later with 26 episodes with 25,000 plays on ten podcast platforms the only change is a condenser mic otherwise still in the garage with the phone hahah, my point is creating content or news is really simple and in expensive anyone can broadcast … not always a good thing….

The essence of the show was to give new comers in crypto some basic tools and knowledge so they could hopefully get the confidence to become a active crypto user, i also made the podcast ad free and no paid shilling giving it a somewhat unbiased view, season 2 is underway and available here and on all major podcast platforms. I decided about 6 months ago to take the community and adoption a little further and have now launched ” ” a free trade p2p marketplace where you can buy sell or swap almost anything from Crypto to Goods and Services no fees, none at all 100% free….. Why? well im not a big fan of centralized Exchanges making millions in fees that in the end only drive new people away with the cost ” counter productive if you ask me” so gives anyone in the world a chance to free trade. 

So why on earth would i want to start another project that will only cost me money and not make it? Im a sucker i guess… lol its actually a little more than that, i am a crypto fan boy 100% even during dumps and winters im that annoying person that tells you to buy the dip and hodl… because i know where this ship is headed, so why wouldn’t i help fuel that crypto ship and do what i can all be it tinny in the grand scheme of things and drive new people try and help them to understand crypto discover the cool people in the space and hopefully tell all there friends about it too… be silly not to right it can only help ! 

So the Hub is another tool in my mad scientist experiment with mass adoption a place to come and find all types of media related to crypto that is simple, easy to access and not full of ads or paid review or shills. its hard to find accurate content for beginners well even for the experienced out there because its swamped with the quick buck hunters, paid shillers, trolls and “experts” views and media that may be harsh but its also unfortunately very true, and dont get me started on bounty hunters! 

The goal is to provide a “go to” place for trustworthy, factual and simple to follow news, reviews, tips and links without feeling like a noob or wondering if the info is misleading. Some of you may wonder why i haven’t added a chat or community feature to this site well if you don’t have Telegram then download it thats where the crypto community live and there you will find community chat where anyone is welcome to join and not feel like a noob asking questions the channel has some very knowledgeable and friendly members currently so feel free to join in. 

Lastly if you have or want to create any crypto related content please email me and we can start building a extensive library of beginners content, if you want to start making content and dont know where to start again email me im happy to show you where to begin send them to 

Thanks for reading through this first blog i will try to shorten them in the future 😉


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