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Divi the sleeping Giant of crypto..

Crypto will die and fade away into the darkness………… probably not the opening line you expected to read from someone who’s very Pro crypto!

But the possibility of this happening is real, from the very beginning of Bitcoin to the glory days in 2017 there has always been a ball and chain holding crypto back from being the world-changing technology that we know it can be.. of course, I speak of mass adoption in the real world.

Many projects have tried to bring crypto to the real world yet adoption is still at a very slow rate, how can this be? billions of dollars, brilliant Minds, massive marketing budgets, mainstream media good and bad, all-time highs, Bitcoin millionaires And real-world problem solved with blockchain and crypto how could it possibly be that we have not achieved mass adoption or a greater rate of adoption?

They are obviously a number of contributing factors to this answer from governance and poor publicity. but I think the most important contributing factor is ease of use, if you step back and look at the use of cryptocurrency from outsiders point of view it definitely gives the impression of being hard to use, easy to mess up with wallet address is as long as your arm and private keys even longer, if you lose your crypto is gone or simply just messing up which blockchain you’re sending your funds to I think it’s pretty simple to see why people are not jumping on board as they should be…..

So how can we maintain all the positives about using digital currency, maintain security while utilising the blockchain and make it as simple as possible for everyday use? there have been a number of projects working on this some have failed some of had mild success, but none’s come up with the true solution to this problem……. Or have they???

Divi project Is shaping up to be the shining light in the race to real-world mass adoption, let me explain why I believe Divi is a sleeping giant and how it’s set to change the way we see and use crypto forever!

The Divi network is a Proof of Stake blockchain that has a 5 tier master node and wallet staking consensus backbone, there are currently Over 900 active master nodes on the network at time of writing his number is increasing daily as the Divi master nodes consistently rate in the top few projects for proof of stake returns/ Rewards in the crypto industry, on top of these high rewards there is also a weekly lottery awarded each week, for every block awarded that node receives an entry into the lottery, there is one prize of 250000 Divi and 10 prizes of 25000 Divi on top of the block rewards here are some numbers to look at:

With an already functioning network and desktop wallet it is the ideal platform to launch the Divi 2.0 app wallet this is set to be the most progressive wallet available in crypto to date, while making crypto easy for everyone to enjoy here are some features


Crypto – $Divi and other supported cryptocurrencies

Fiat – Supported currencies via integrated Ridivi features

Deposit and Receive

IBAN/Swift – send fiat to a Ridivi account

Credit Card On-Ramp – send fiat to a Ridivi account via traditional credit/debit cards

Crypto – create and receive Divi and other cryptos to a traditional crypto address


Crypto – $Divi and other supported cryptocurrencies

Remittances – Fiat or crypto via Ridivi either in the wallet or in-store

IBAN/Swift – Fiat to traditional bank accounts


Debit card – Divi/Ridivi powered debit card to convert and spend in-wallet crypto or fiat anywhere where credit cards are accepted.


Online – via online stores/e-commerce solutions (ie. CoinPayments, etc)

Physical – P2P or POS type systems (TBA)


Atomic Swaps – instantly and seamlessly swap fiat, $Divi and other supported cryptocurrencies via secure in-house solutions




Staking vaults – eliminates the need to keep a staking wallet online and unlocked.

P2P master node hosting

To bring all this to life Divi is the collaboration of 3 entities Divi being the coin network and community RiDivi and DiviLabs, each having a vital role in the creation of the project,

Divi Labs is a for-profit company registered in Costa Rica and is funded by Divi founders, some Divi community members, and outside investors. It was set up to build apps for the Divi blockchain such as Divi wallets and other tools. It’s also able to perform various functions that are difficult for a decentralized organization or non-profit foundation to achieve. Divi Labs will perform functions such as:

Build Divi’s wallets and payment platform apps

Build one-click add-ons for the platform

Build Divi’s third layer network, its Chain Lightning™ off-chain scaling solution

Promote the Divi brand and ecosystem with marketing and PR

Divi Labs has purchased a controlling share (30%) of a Costa Rican fintech, focused on disrupting the remittance industry. A remittance refers to money that is sent or transferred to another party, but the term is typically used to refer to money sent to family members back in a person’s home country. The Ridivi acquisition allows Divi to legally and seamlessly integrate fiat and crypto into the Divi 2.0 app and exchange between the two in the background.

The original founders, Yann and Stephan, have spent the last two years perfecting the ultimate platform to compete head-on with Western Union and other established competitors. Rebranded as Ridivi, the company has now become a core part of the Divi ecosystem. Ridivi comes with over 10,000 existing customers, multiple offices in a busy part of San Jose, Costa Rica and the goal of expanding physical locations in CR and around the world. The addition of Ridivi to the Divi ecosystem will allow for the following:

One-click fiat account set up within the Divi Apps (USD, EURO, CRC)

One-click exchanges between fiat and cryptos

Debit cards for our users

Provide IBAN accounts for the crypto community

Wire transfers of fiat around the world with our apps

Direct integration with European banks using open banking standards

Use of vaulted DIVI to partially reimburse fees for our users, as a way to encourage them to enter Divi’s crypto economy.

Now put this incredibly well-structured ecosystem into a very simple to use wallet app and you may just be looking at one of the most important projects in crypto mass adoption…

The Divi coin is available on a number of exchanges including Bitrue, Stex, Crex24, Altilly, LAToken and Midas. You can find the desktop wallet and one-click master nodes at Divi Project and you can find one of the best communities in crypto on Telegram and Discord that’s a fact!

If you like what you see and want to deploy a master node be sure to use this refcode “ cme20 “ and receive a free month’s hosting.

To hear the chat I had with Divi co-founder Nick Saponaro detailing some of the recent partnerships click Crypto made easy podcast