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Your Crypto community may be the best asset your project has……

Your Crypto community may be the best asset your project has……

With world financial markets, global economies and crypto prices all in freefall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nobody really knows what the future holds. It would be safe to say life as we know it will definitely change. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of articles, blogs, YouTube videos and other comparison sites that give you all the tips on how to choose the best project for your investment. They all provide valuable information, whether it be chart analysis, statistics, project team members or the problem the project actually solves, but there is one crucial metric which is a major factor to the success of any crypto project which often gets overlooked and undervalued: community. 


A crypto community, given the right environment and resources, will be a project’s number one asset in the future, especially in times of fear, uncertainty and doubt(“FUD”). In many cases, the community members are the frontline of defence against trolls and haters in social channels. Generally speaking, a community member is invested in a project and has the success of that project in their best interests. In saying that there is a fine line between a good community and a click or club.


I’m going to use Divi as an example for this article for a number of reasons. It is a community that I’m only relatively new too, but in my 8 years in the crypto world it is by far the best structured and supported community I have found. I’m going to outline some key factors that make the Divi community tick the way they do.

No Bro’s please:


Divi is working on making crypto easier, faster, cheaper, safer and more

accessible to everyone around the world and has a strong focus on the

mainstream user’s experience.

Divi makes sure the first impressions of any new user who joins the community regardless of  crypto experience, are positive and welcoming. This is an attitude adopted by the team, admin and community members. The CEO, Geoff McCabe is also known at times to welcome each new member personally..

The No Bros approach employed by Divi allows newcomers to be welcomed without a feeling of alienation often found in other crypto communities due to highly technical discussions, aggression towards new members who don’t know or understand every technical detail and “Crypto Bro” and fanboi banter such as “when Lambo”, “when moon”, 


“when exchange”. This changes the whole dynamic of the community in Telegram and Discord like you would not believe! There is a noticeable difference in community engagement when someone asks a question or needs help, as there is no fear of being picked on or made fun of by so-called crypto experts.


The Unsung Heros:

Traditionally with smaller projects, the assignment of admin or community managers can be a very hard decision. Usually, the largest portion of any budget is directed towards the development of the product, so it is not uncommon to see early investors and dedicated members of the community fill these admin roles verse recruiting staff to fill these positions. Often that person may not have the most experience but shares the team’s passion, has a financial investment and the drive to see the project succeed. There is an enormous amount of time, effort and dedication that go into the role of admin or community manager, and in a lot of cases, these positions are filled by volunteers. Without their community members, a good number of projects would be in a far worse position than they are now so providing the community heroes with as much support and access to the project is vital to managing the community effectively.

Stay connected:

I’m sure we’ve all heard the quote “happy wife= happy life”. I’m going to adapt that to suit a crypto or investment community “informed community= thriving community”.  All too often we have seen projects disconnect from their community, causing them to turn and lose trust with the project. In a lot of cases the team may have gone quiet due to missing a roadmap date, and the next thing you know you have anarchy on your hands when it could all have been simply avoided by staying in touch with the community.

Communication with the community is one of Divi’s strongest attributes. Engagement by the Divi founders and team is refreshing and reassuring. Credit to the Divi team for recognising the importance of community participation on every level via Telegram, Discord, the Divi Crypto Podcast, Divi Blog, Divi Forum and all social channels. The constant contact and updates builds trust with the entire project.


Structure shines:


Divi has constructed a cross-platform hub for the community to stay engaged on Telegram & Discord with the use of a clever bridge bot that connects the main Telegram conversation with Divi’s Discord server chat, meaning you can chat to a community member that is on TG from your Discord profile, and vice versa. There has always been a distance between TG and Discord users, and this really solves that separation.


It doesn’t stop there; Divi covers all bases when it comes to the tools they use to stay in touch with the community. Other projects have ambassador programs or similar. Community members that want to go that extra step in promoting and supporting the project have a program available to them called the Divi Crew. It is made up of a number of dedicated community members and marketing professionals that support the project via social media, and crypto events like meetups in their region. A dedicated Divi Crew Discord server allows discussion and planning in regards to promotion on social media and gives everyone the opportunity to add value and learn more about Divi and online marketing. The Divi Crew also has an in-house developed app to manage users and social media promotion/marketing “tasks”. This is not something I have seen previously nor would I have expected, yet is an invaluable tool that will build the basis of larger more targeted marketing campaigns as the project grows


Having dedicated support channels for anybody having technical problems is a far more efficient way to communicate than mixing it in with main chat channels. Divi Support on telegram is second to none and also integrates and syncs to Discord via the Bridge Bot and will continue to integrate as other social platforms are utilized and divi apps are released. The admin’s and support staff don’t make you feel like you’ve created the problem, and instead are very happy to help no matter your technical knowledge.

Covering the spread of information across many platforms is also very well done with the Divi Blog and Divi crypto podcast each week bringing regular updates.


Art was never my strong point as you can tell but here is the community network-  



 There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a promising project with a toxic community… ahh maybe there is: the not so welcoming crypto bros that keep new users from getting involved. There are so many projects that can’t take that next step forward because their community holds them back and through no fault of the community I might add…

What Divi has successfully done is to identify the importance of the community, then provide the tools and channels for the community to use and stay informed. In addition, having excellent admin on all platforms and a friendly mood, the whole community spirit is one of positivity and confidence in the team and the project. I believe that is half the battle in being a really successful project and Divi is well on its way to that!

Here are some links. Go and say hello, I’ll bet you stay…….   


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Andrew Wilson



Host of Crypto Made Easy podcast