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18: What a 6 weeks in Crypto but what are the Banks playing at?

After a short break im back and Crypto is going mad, Buth whats are the banks playing at I share my recent Bank roadblock and big news out of Divi for the new year.

17: Quick round up, a DeFi roughy to watch in Bitcoin….

Quick epp with a market round-up and a DeFi roughy to watch using Bitcoin and smart contracts, i also talk about the letter S being used in crypto and Bitcoin when it shouldn't be..

15: DiviGo V2 testing, “Castweet” is our Roughy, and the “Warning” that exit scammed..

This Ep we talk about the coming testing and Launch of DiviGo v2, take a look at a little known "Roughy" called Castweet, I explain my gripe with needing 3rd party coins to swap, send other coins and this eps "Warning" exit scams before I fired a shot but there is a...

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